Flash on the Beach on Sunday

Today (Sunday 28th September) it was the day for registration. The ‘early registration’ opened at 8 AM and I was the first person walking in. After registration I went for some breakfast.

At 9:30 AM the Papervision3D workshop started. In the first hour we did got some tips in Adobe Flash, but because of the poor support of the actionscript editor, we switched over to Adobe Flex.

Ralph Hauwert did the workshop and showed us some of his work en background information about himself. After this we prepared Adobe Flex for working with Papervision3D by him giving us an USB stick with example files, starter files and ofcourse the latest checkout. We made a new workspace and imported the pv3d project library and disussed some best practices.

We did a lot of basic examples by importing the starter projects (created by Ralph) and for each example we did the coding together. He explained us on how to use and create a simple collada file in 3dMax en export it for use in Flash.

He did an introduction of the Camera, CameraTypes, Spheres, Phongshaders, Collada and more…

I’m really looking forward for the Papervision3D Masterclasses and will try to participate in it.

Ralph Hauwert at FOTB08

Ralph Hauwert at FOTB08

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