Flash on the Beach on Monday

Monday (29 September) – The first speaker day!

Erik Natzke
A very creative person, that makes use of Math and the drawing API to create beautiful art, in my opinion. This session was mind blowing for me and I was very impressed of his work.
He was showcasing some of his work (see below) and check out his website here.

Check out the rest of the speakers for that day

Carlos Ulloa
He talked about essentially closing the gap a little between designer and developer workflows. Meening that we should build upon ideas;
In most cases designers and developers should be doing research first and think of what it is, you need to achieve and then build upon that.
Also put some time and effort in exploring first before going wild. Try to interact more with the designers.

Dr Woohoo
All about tranforming ideas-to-pixels-to-atoms. He does a lot with creating applications and working on scripts that could affect color. Being able to get photo’s of Flickr and load the colors as patterns in Illustrator and more. For more information go to his website, there a some video’s there to.

Richard Lord
This session was all about Flint AS3 Particle System. Flint is a open source Actionscript 3.0 Particle library that can be used for creating cool things like smoke, fire, particles and has an integration for Papervision3d and Away3d.

James Paterson
James gave us the ‘inspired session’ and he is also a very creative guy that makes a lot of fun and great flash stuff. I really enjoyed this session with great humor and beer.

Watch the teaser below.

After the last enspired session we all went of the a club named ‘Audio’. The beer was great and we got to meet people from Sweden, Germany, America, Holland, UK and more..

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