Flash on the Beach Wednesday

Wednesday (1 Oktober) – The Last speaker day!

Ben Stucki
He gave a demo about things to remember when coding in Adobe Flex. What pitchfalls there are and what classes to extend when building components. For example always extend the UIComponent class en override certain functions you need, like the update functions.

Nicolas Lierman
This is the person behind the google analytics air application. He discussed his vision about what you should track and that there where people using information that is not reliable. He also showed us some projects he is working on and ideas he made. Read on!

Flash on the Beach on Tuesday

Tuesday (30 September) – The Second speaker day!

Aral Balkan
He changed his topic and spoke about all sort of things. Discussed the Play factor, explore things, keep blogging, enjoy and share your code. We, the community should not be afraid of making mistake, because you learn something from it. Try to post your ideas on a blog, share your code and keep experimenting.

Also don’t get stuck at Design Patterns and OOP, Read on!