Flash on the Beach on Tuesday

Tuesday (30 September) – The Second speaker day!

Aral Balkan
He changed his topic and spoke about all sort of things. Discussed the Play factor, explore things, keep blogging, enjoy and share your code. We, the community should not be afraid of making mistake, because you learn something from it. Try to post your ideas on a blog, share your code and keep experimenting.

Also don’t get stuck at Design Patterns and OOP, not all your projects or experiments has to be coded in OOP. He also encouraged us flash developers to have a go at Python and pointed out to headconference.com.

Adobe Town Hall Meeting
Here we could ask all kind of questions at 5 people from adobe. A very informative session where they asked us to keep giving them feedback on their products. The questions where about pricing (it’s cheaper to get a flight to America, then buy your software there and fly back to europe), Security and improvements.

Grant Skinner
He gave a speech about who he is, what he does and a little bit about his own company. He then discussed the need of best practices in coding and taking on, a form of standards in what you should do to get everyone into the same rules. This way you have a better understanding about who worked on what en people could change or improve your code, without having the need of working trough a lot of line’s with undocumented code, not being done by the standards.

The Jam Session:
A very cool session where for example Ralph Hauwert, Carlos Ulloa, Keith Peters, Andre Michelle and Mario Klingeman gave individual short presentations of 10 minutes.

Ralph Hauwert talked about himself and showed us what he was working on. He showed us a part of his work with Papervision3D, where he was making a improvement on the next version. There are/where some problems with the triangles in 3d space, the triangles where not properly sorted, so that you had some occasionally empty black triangles in your SWF.

  • Carlos Ulloa showed some work in stacking 3D boxes on top of each other or letting them fall if you pull out the bottom one. Also done with Papervision3D.
  • Keith Peters showed us some his work in drawing with flash. He drew some spikes and other things. He also animated the line with math
  • Andre Michelle showed us a cool music application in flash player 10, where he could mix all kind of sound together.

Lee Brimelow
We got a sneek peak about making a simple 3D scene with Adobe CS4. He discussed some inside information about coding, get people to start with Actionscript 3 if they did not yet begun to code with that.


A very creative person wich used Maya (3D program) to create awesome 3D movies and commercials. Projects like bacardi and Hummer.

Robert Hodgin
He showed us a lot of his work and meanwhile we just watch en drink beer.

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