How to add your own TAG to the Textmate Todo bundle

Lately I work a lot with the Backbase framework and jQuery and in our project there are a lot of TODO and FIXME tags. It’s kind of annoying that there are a lot of them in my project (see screenshot). So I added my own tag to the TODO plugin.

Now I’ll just use my name for clarity and walk you through the simple steps, but you can choose any tag you want. Just follow the more link below.

The steps:
Open the ‘applications’ folder, right or control click on Textmate and choose ‘Show Package Contents’. Open the folder ‘Contents/SharedSupport/Bundles’, right or control click on the file ‘TODO.tmbundle’ and choose ‘Show Package Contents’ again.

Go to the folder ‘Support/lib’ and open the file settings.rb in textmate. Find the class Settings and add the code below to @defaults:

You can choose any color you like, I used blue. Save your file and your done…

Now in your project use


Hit Ctrl+shift+T (or the usual shortcut if you changed it) and the tag, should popup in the TODO window, like this screenshot. Click the tag to jump to the right section and click again on the filename of your comment to jump to the right file.

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