My opinion on Command & Conquer 4

On March 18; Command and Conquer 4 was finally released, as a huge fan and gamer it was very hard to wait such a long time on the fourth version of Command and Conquer.

But… I must admit being a little disappointed about the game 🙁

I realized that the time of harvesting tiberium and building bases is over. I wonder why they changed the game so drastic, don’t get me all wrong, there are still some cool things in the game but buiding bases was there for a long time and I liked it!

Switching between Offense, Defense and Support is a nice feature but not satisfying enough. And where the f*ck is the LAN Lobby!

My personal opinion is that they failed with this fourth version of the Command and Conquer. This game is nice, but definitely not a real Command and Conquer game!

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