My review of ‘WebGL beginner’s guide’

Book information:
– Title : WebGL beginner’s guide
– ISBN : 9781849691727
– Authors : Diego Cantor, Brandon Jones

A few weeks ago I received the ebook from Packt, with the request to do a review on this book.

The first chapter is about getting ready for using webgl and using canvas. There is a introduction for using Json in Ajax in the second chapter and then it’s time for vertices, shaders, lights, normals and a whole lot more.

The title suggests that this book is a beginners guide but to me, that’s not entirely true.

In my opinion this book is not (only) for beginners, because there is not an in depth explanation about topics like Shader methods (Phong and Goraud) and graphics programming in general. I would have liked a more in depth introduction about these topics on a beginners level.

While there is little preparation in the first chapters for the beginner it does covers a lot of ground and therefore I still think this book would be quite helpful. I do however recommend reading a book that covers more about graphics programming first or using that as a reference or as a more in depth introduction.

Also I find the book somewhat hard to read because off the way it’s written, somewhat less ‘dry’ and a bit of humor would have made this book a lot easier to read.

In the end I do believe this book is really helpful, but combined with a book which covers programming with vertices, shaders for beginners.

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