Kodiak JavaScript app review for Ipad

Today I bought the Kodiak Javascript app. The app itself has a clean interface, everything can be used offline and it is packed with javascript library’s ready to use.

Because I use my Ipad for keeping myself up to date by reading, blogging and more, sometimes you just want to quickly test out a piece of code or finish something, without having to bring your Macbook Pro. Using JSFiddle or JSBin on the Ipad is still not optimal and therefore this app is really a welcome addition for me.

However to me there are some features I’m missing in the app, to make it a better and more usefull application. For example, some suggestions are;

– Auto Indentation is not (yet) possible.
– Would love to have better keyboard support, because typing on screen is really hard and slow.
– The lib folder where all libs are stored by default is locked, so if you wan’t to add other libs you would have to create a second root folder to store them. Also how can you update the libs to a newer version?
– A split pane for viewing and maybe even live reload would be great.
– Auto complete for including source files would be nice. Otherwise you have to switch back to loop up path and -or file names.
– A global and in project search bar
– Opening larger files makes the app sometime unresponsive.

Overall I’m very pleased with the app and I would love to see the improvements that are yet to come. Check it out at Kodiak Javascript app.

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