Align one Div in another Div on Bottom, Top, Left or Right

Ever wanted to align a button or text inside a div to a certain position? I’ve made an example to demonstrate how you can align that div or other content to the left, right, top or bottom of the parent div.

Align a div to 4 positions

I’ll include the code in a code box, where you need to set it to plain text, if you wan’t to copy and use it for yourself.

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Flex and ArrayCollection – Error if xml has only one node

My collleguea had a bug in his Flex application when a rss feed only contains one item. It seems that Flex does not handle this very well when using the ArrayCollection class.

If you have the same problem, you can fix it like I did below.

Enable handcursor on MovieClip with a dynamic textfield in it

When you have a movieclip with a dynamic textfield in it, using buttonMode only will not work.

Because this property is set to true as default, all the children are mouse enabled and the handcursor will not work. Setting it to false will get the handcursor back.

To enable the handcursor in this situation you need to use:

instancename.mouseChildren = false;