Kodiak JavaScript app review for Ipad

Today I bought the Kodiak Javascript app. The app itself has a clean interface, everything can be used offline and it is packed with javascript library’s ready to use.

Because I use my Ipad for keeping myself up to date by reading, blogging and more, sometimes you just want to quickly test out a piece of code or finish something, without having to bring your Macbook Pro. Using JSFiddle or JSBin on Read on!

Sass tutorial for beginners

Preferring SASS over the default or old way of editing CSS is really an improvement on your workflow in my opinion. Sass indeed makes using CSS fun again, but more importantly it’s an easy syntax that once you get used to it, it really is cleaner, better and has a lot of helper functions. Defining variables, mixins and adding more functionality also structures your css code.

There are 2 different syntaxes and I recommend starting with the .scss style, which looks a lot like the regular

Read on!