Exploring Objective-c

Recently I’ve decided to Explore Objective-c, mainly because of plans to start development for the iPhone and iPad and for broadening my knowledge.

Btw, is it just me that I find myself spending more time switching between languages and frameworks, It takes me a few hours to get up to speed again when coming from a project in a different language. Syntax mainly..

Back to Objective-c;

There a definitely some parts I like and some parts that require more attention then I’m used to in AS3 or Java.

I like the way you can define the setters/getters by using synthesize but find pointers a bit weird and the introduction of dot syntax for some objects a bit confusing, I’ll just stick with the standard way in objective-c so it is less confusing.

Also nice that you don’t have to worry about releasing objects anymore.

Now I’ll have to think off a fun project to build something for practice.